We make chocolate bars for people to enjoy.  It really is that simple, but we can make it in a lot of different formats and also make a few other bits and pieces. 

We are able to produce block bars in the following sizes;

  • 25  - 100g 
  • 160g - 200g
  • 500g
  • 1kg

We also produce hot chocolate spoons, various chocolate lollies and bespoke vac tray items based on a wide variety of designs, which we can help you develop. You can find the various images of products we produce on our gallery page.

If you are looking to develop a new brand or want to develop your existing range we can help with the following through our consultation service;

  • recipe development
  • commercial costing
  • chocolate sourcing
  • packaging 
  • general advice

Based on a specific brief being supplied we can cost out a full service to get your products  from an initial idea to sample stage and provide you with all of the information you will need to make your ideas come to life. 

Upon receiving the brief we will develop viable recipes for you, undertake kitchen sample production before scaling up to a 60kg production to deliver factory samples. This will give what you need for any specific customer presentations at which point we can undertake full production runs with a minimum order volume of 400kg.

Over the years we have helped countless brand owners develop new products that are now on sale throughout the UK and beyond.

If this is something you would like to do please complete our registration form on the contact us section of the website providing as much information as you are comfortable supplying us with.

If you already own a developed brand and want to explore us making it for you,  please provide us with as much information as you are happy to including product format, any recipes you have and annual volumes and again we will contact you with what the next steps would be.